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GlobeSoft Qatar a 100% Qatari Company has partnered with Whatfix for User Onboarding and Interactive Walkthrough. Whatfix is a SaaS-based platform that provides comprehensive support for web applications and software products. In addition, Whatfix is a game-changing performance support platform that helps users achieve optimal performance by providing them quick and easy access to contextual information. needed at the time a task is being performed.

With Whatfix, enterprises enable their users to adopt any quickly the software application is thereby eliminating the time spent in referring to multiple resources for help and support. Not only that, Whatfix is a performance support platform for businesses to ease onboarding, improve support and reduce training effort for its users.

About Whatfix

  • Founded: 2013
  • Industry: Product Adoption
  • Headquarters: India and United States
  • Number of employees: 100 +
  • Whatfix is an SaaS based platform
whatfix for user onboarding and interactive walk through

Whatfix for User Onboarding

As organizations continue to navigate through the era of Digital Transformation, the new and fastest growing segment within the digital phase is the interactive and user on boarding platforms.

Likewise, an interactive walkthrough is a technology that helps users navigate via the right touch-points on a website or a web-app. They appear as interactive tooltips that highlight particular elements on the web-apps that prompt the user to take an action. Because they appear as interactive tooltips, as a result, they engage users and allow them further explore and finish tasks on time with minimal help from customer service.

Furthermore, an interactive walkthrough is simply putting user experience and a user engagement model that works. However, the biggest challenge to following this approach is that there are many people who prefer learning and the websites by themselves. Making them understand the value of your product while helping them through the experience is the point where you must act wisely.

Ideal User Onboarding Experience Funnel

Similarly, onboarding new users to a web application are like meeting someone for the first time. You would definitely want to make a good first impression and keep that hope of continuing the conversation, alive. Hence once your user is on board, it is vital that you keep them engaged enough to convert them from a newbie user to a habitual user.

Another reason is that the use cases for in-app interactive walkthroughs are numerous, They are available for product tours, user onboarding, user training, self-service, and support service. With the number of complex apps increasing day by day, certainly, there is no question that whether this would be useful.

Eventually, the only thing that remains to be decided is whether you would go for it, or not

Faster User

Onboarding With

Live In-app


Whatfix Solutions:

  • User Onboarding

Other Solutions:

  • Training
  • Support
  • Performance Support
  • Change Management
  • Interactive Walkthroughs
whatfix for user onboarding, interactive walkthrough

How Does Whatfix Work?

Whatfix for User Onboarding

Design interactive guides with zero coding using Editor.

  Multi Browser Support

  Rich Display Options

  SCORM Compliance

Effectively engage users across multiple touch points be it on your website, chat, knowledge base.

  Smarter Targeting

  Multilingual Support

  Highly Secure

Whatfix for User Onboarding
Whatfix for User Onboarding

Customizable interface to engage users

  User Level Tracking

  Customized Reports

  API Support for External Analytics

“Whatfix’s user onboarding solutions help you create personalized and engaging onboarding programs for new users at scale and enable them to make the most of your business applications.”

Whatfix is performance support platform which provides in-app guidance and performance support for web application and software products. As a result, Whatfix helps companies to create interactive walkthroughs that appear within web applications

In addition, Whatfix makes it possible to get instructions right inside a website or a web application where the user is looking for help. As a browser plugin, Whatfix enables you to provide training right within your online solution for employee engagement and also provides guide tools for users. As the content of the manuals is custom-built, this solution can be applied to any application as long as it operates online.

  • Engage New Users

User onboarding can be tedious. Even more, Whatfix makes it engaging by helping you easily design interactive product tours, onboarding task lists or provide just-in-time contextual guidance.

  • Personalizes User Onboarding Experience

Personalization is key to engagement. Whatfix provides user-level segmentation helping you create personalized user onboarding experiences which in turn leads to a higher level of engagement.

Other Benefits of Whatfix

  • Smart User Onboarding

User onboarding can be tedious. As a result, Whatfix makes it engaging by helping you easily design interactive product tours, onboarding task lists or provide just-in-time contextual guidance. Whatfix ensures that their users develop a high level of application proficiency within a short time

  • Customer Support Improvement

While in-app customer support helps reduce the overall support overhead, Whatfix’s technical help solutions can also be used across multiple touch points like email, chat or social media to respond to customer queries.

  • Reduction in training Effort and Accelerate Performance

Traditional employee training programs take a lot of effort and are ineffective. Whatfix’s interactive on-the-job training solution enables employees to learn while doing within the business application.

  • Increase Employee Engagement and Customer Awareness

Because employee engagement is important, On-demand employee training with Whatfix’s Self-Help widget allows your employees to access all the training resources right from within your web application. As a result, employees can save time on searching for guides and reduces human errors

The Capabilities of Whatfix as Platform

  • Easy Build Creation

Whatfix guides can be easily created and edited by anyone in multiple browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

  • Rich Display Options

Easily customizable display options, you can choose how the guides can be displayed to your users.

  • Multiple Touchpoints Engagement

Interact with your users across multiple touch-points such as contextual widgets like our self-help widget, tasklist widget, smart tips (static overlays), and guided pop-ups.

  • Multilingual Support

Support your users across geographies. Whatfix enables you to engage your users with guides in multiple languages.

  • Multi Device Support

Whatfix interactive guides and widgets are supported seamlessly on a browsers and hybrid apps.

  • Zero Code Integration

To integrate and deploy Whatfix on your web application, all that you need is a single line of code.

  • Smart Targeting

Whatfix’s smart targeting allows you to perform user-level segmentation on different web pages.

Website: https://whatfix.com/

If you are interested for a product demo, please contact us on info@globesoftqatar.com. Our sales representative will be in touch with you.