GlobeSoft Qatar offers mobility development services and solutions

Mobility Development, mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily life just a matter of convenience or a strategic method. To radically improve organization marketing and business profitability. Today’s tech-savvy consumers are demanding different applications that meet their need.

In this area, GlobeSoft Qatar is a regional leader in the development of mobile applications and services. This includes, but not limited to, content, cultural, games, messaging, localization, business, location-based services, and entertainment. We believe that mobile phones are a revolutionary device. It is incorporated into individuals or organization which will become an essential part of their day to day workplace.

Throughout the past years, GlobeSoft Qatar has gained very solid experience in different mobile technologies. Including messaging, Push-To-Talk, wireless, Bluetooth, GPS, and security. Also, Globe Soft Qatar experience spans different platforms including Symbian, J2ME, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry.