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Digital Signage solution of GlobeSoft Qatar

The visual age of digital signage has become a key way to engage information and entertainment in nearly everyplace. From financial centers and hospitals, to airports and train stations and more. Digital signage gives organizations the ability to send targeted messages to the precise place at the precise moment where people want the information. The global market of digital signage is booming to hit USD20 billion by 2020. Digital signage is more unique and interesting than other types of media. Popularity is growing tandem with technology improvements which results in displays.

GlobeSoft Qatar is a leading Arab system integrator in the market place. GlobeSoft Qatar is a first choice system integrator, specialized in providing complete end-to-end solutions made to suit any business and technical requirements.

About our Digital Signage Solution

GlobeSoft Qatar provides a wide range of world class digital signage products, covering all the aspects of digital signage technology, whether it is hardware, software or content, we supply and support high quality innovative solutions for all types of screen-based communications.

Our offerings: Kiosks, screens, video walls, LEDs, tablet and players.

We strive to be our customer’s trusted and reliable partner. Our vision is to revolutionize the digital signage conceptin Qatar by extending reliable, cost effective and innovative solutions to our customers. From video walls and LED screens to immersive digital signage experience, GlobeSoft Qatar is your digital activation and audience engagement specialist, our key approach is to execute accurate planning and sourcing resulting in memorable experiences.

Products and Services

Screens & video walls.

*High brightness.

*High resolution capabilities 4k.

*Elegant look and feel.


*High brightness.

Players &room signage.

*High performance & reliability.

*Elegant look and feel.


*High brightness.

*High performance & reliability.

*Outdoor harsh weatherproof.

Our offering's capabilities

The digital signage solutions we provide can be integrated with a wide range of different systems and technologies, to promote a variety of content that is attractive, nicely designed and highly useful.آ Along with the digital signage hardware, we provide rich content creation and management software with friendly user interface and infinite features, it gives the ability to create efficient multi-zone content and grants full control to manage it across displays. In addition, we آ provide complete to the highest standards of quality and performance, it includes features like Video On Demand (VOD), Video Recording (VR), subti- tlesand programs guide etc.

Digital Signage Stand of GlobeSoft Qatar