GlobeSoft Qatar offers Data Privacy solutions and services

Data Privacy is all about giving a person certain rights over his/her Personal Information. For eg, the person should know of his/her personal information regarding how is it being used, the consent for such usage. How his/her personal information is externally or internally shared with a third party. In addition, Data Privacy is also all about whether the person’s data it is being sent to a different country. How to protect the data and etc.

Do note that protection of the data is just one right amongst the host of rights mentioned above. Also known as personal data protection – and often confused with data privacy as a whole.

Above all, GlobeSoft Qatar partners with leading-edge security and data protection companies. To offer advisory and consulting services to help enterprises with data privacy issue. Because Data is an important aspect of an organization. We ensure that an organization or individual are aware of what data in a computer system is sharing with third parties.