Data Governance

Data Governance: Data governance is the management of the data’s availability, integrity, usage, security of data used in an enterprise. A data governance program includes a governing body or council. A defined set of procedures and a plan to execute those procedures.

Businesses benefit from data governance because it helps ensures their data is consistent. Data is a critical asset of organizations as they rely on it to make business decisions, optimize operations. And create new products and services, and improve profitability.

As the digital economy grows, consumers are increasingly interacting with Mobile Apps, Websites, Web Applications. And IoT devices to avail various services. As part of the services provided, the above digital products collect, process, share and store Personal Information. Additionally, there is an increasing concern about the Personal Information that is collected by organizations. Referring to the various Privacy regulations like GDPR that are coming into force in different geographies. To understand this in more detail, let us get a sense of the ecosystem, its various stakeholders, and their motivations.

In this area, GlobeSoft Qatar partners with organizations that offer risk management to help enterprises or organization in addressing their information risk challenges.