Actifio for Data Virtualization and Disaster Recovery

GlobeSoft Qatar has partnered with Actifio for Data Virtualization.

Actifio, a Boston-area provider of copy data virtualization solutions delivers technology that enables businesses to protect, access, and move their data faster, more efficiently, and more simply. Actifio decouples data from physical storage, much the same way a hypervisor decouples compute from physical servers. Lastly, Actifio is the first and only choice for radically simple copy data virtualization. For enterprise-class backup modernization, self-serve instant data access, or service provider business transformation.

Above all, Actifio’s products are able to reduce unnecessary duplication of application data and software requirements for its users. The technology they offer is design to maintain data integrity while ensuring rapid access to that data throughout its lifecycle. The system virtualizes data management and storage to replace siloed data protection and availability applications with a single purpose-built system.

About Actifio

  • Enterprise Data-as-a-Service Software pioneer
  • 2,700 + global enterprise and service providers
  • Protected by 50+ patients
  • High growth AND profitable
  • Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Boston
  • No.1 VM, Public IaaS Integration, DBs & Applications and User Self Service in Gartner Backup Capabilities
Actifio for Disaster recovery

About Actifio's Data Virtualization:

The heart of the Actifio platform is known as the Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP). The Virtual Pipeline virtualizes copy data, which eliminate redundancies and re-purposing unique data for multiple data management applications. Virtual Data Pipeline captures single copy or “gold copy” of data from production and reuses that data for multiple purposes. Allowing applications to directly access the data from the Actifio platform without any physical data movement.

By introducing virtualization to data management, Actifio delivers an application-centric, SLA-driven solution that decouples the management of copy data from storage, network, and server infrastructure.

How Does Data Virtualization Works?

Actifio Virtual Pipeline

The three steps of Actifio’s Data Virtualization

  1. Actifio Captures Application Data in its Native Format: Because data is important. Actifio Captures Data and it ensures the system can later provide instant access to the data, without the time and performance penalty of data transformation. Additionally, it captures application-consistent data in an incremental-forever fashion, at the block level.
  2. Manages the Lifecycle of the Application Data:  Afterwards, it managed the lifecycle of that application data according to its SLA. That SLA defines how often to capture incremental changes from production, where to store the data when to deduplicate it, when and how to replicate it.
  3. Let You Use Virtual or Physical Copies of the Data: Lets user use that data for multiple applications, for example, unlimited virtual copies for application development and testing, or analytics, to rapidly recover a 30 TB database.

Actifio's Components and Services

Actifio’s Data Virtualization platform is made up of a set of components that leverage the Actifio Virtual Data Pipeline.

1. Data As a Service

Data as a Service boils down to letting users access data the same way they’re used to access applications and infrastructure: as a service, available instantly anywhere and anytime.

Enterprise customers use Actifio to build higher quality applications faster by making high fidelity test data instantly available to authorized developers. Therefore improves business resiliency and availability by rendering traditional backup and disaster recovery point tools obsolete. And to accelerate adoption of hybrid cloud architectures in service to those and many other enterprise use cases.

Actifio for EDaaS, Data as a service

Why Data as Service

Traditional approaches to managing and accessing data take too long and cost too much. The reason? They’re designed UP from the infrastructure – from the boxes, you don’t care about anymore – rather than DOWN from the applications that power the business.

Why Move from Traditional to Modernize Approach?

  • Development, QA, UAT, DBA and Support teams wait for days or weeks to get data to test against.
  • Backups for large databases and applications don’t complete in the backup window.
  • Recovering applications from outages or corruption take too long and miss SLAs.
  • Cloud-based initiatives are derailed because it’s too hard to move large data sets.
  • Storage costs sprawl out of control.
  • Too many point tools cause high IT costs and operational complexity.
  • Teams hoard copies of old data, creating compliance and security risks.

What Can Enterprise Data as a Service Do?

Actifio Enterprise Data as Service capabilities overcomes these challenges. Actifio data virtualization software manages and provides virtual point-in-time copies of application data, instantly, on-premises, or in a public, private or hybrid cloud, up, Disaster Recovery (DR).

  • Test Data Management (TDM) for application development or DevOps,
  • Analytics, BI or Data Warehousing, or
  • Migrating data and workloads between infrastructure resources.
  • Satisfy all of the above requirements with one platform, one license, whether it’s used in multiple public clouds, private data centers, remote offices or an MSP site.

Who Benefits from Data Virtualization?












Operational restores and recoveries

To do DR and testing

Clone databases

Build integration testing

For covering automation test case

Performance & scalability testing

Root cause analysis

Data mining, warehousing, and analytics

Test & prevent security vulnerability issues

Key Features of Virtual Data Pipeline

Cloud Offerings:

  • Native: Manage your data in the cloud with instant access.
  • Mobile:  Cloud Mobile Helps Manage your on-premises physical servers and cloud VMs with replication.
  • Object: Provides on-premises and cloud data using object storage for long-term data retention.
  • Search: Search and restore your data from any data center or cloud.

Actifio Deliver’s The Virtual Pipeline by:

  • Virtual Data Pipeline is delivered as a Virtual Appliance: The Virtual Data Pipeline can run virtually and public cloud.
  • A Storage, Compute and Cloud Agnostic: Supports any backend storage system or computes infrastructure.
  • Fully Integrates with Object Storage: Provides incremental forever data capture and instant access to data stored in the object storage.

Why Invest in Data Virtualization

Customer’s legacy storage infrastructure is keeping them from realizing the promise of a modern, data-driven enterprise.

Because CIO ’s list improving the resiliency of their business, increasing its agility, and moving toward a more cloud-based, efficient, and scalable technology model. Legacy application architectures, which bind application data to particular infrastructure, make all three of these priorities harder to achieve than they should be.

The Server virtualization freed massive unused capacity in computing. 

Today, data virtualization is freeing more business’s data from its legacy physical infrastructure. It’s time to apply the same virtualization approach to data that changed everything with servers.

The volume of data is growing at a staggering pace.  And the vast majority of the data we’re storing is excess copies of production, created by disparate data protection and availability tools like backup, DR, dev & testing, and analytics.

Actifio for Data Virtualization

What makes Actifio’s approach to managing, protecting and delivering data unique, is a set of platform attributes and enabling technologies developed over 8 years of virtualizing data for some of the world’s largest enterprise customers and service providers. Among data management solutions, only Actifio is:

Agile – Providing instant access to data, anywhere.

Resilient – Actifio offers data protection built right in, instead of bolted on.

Independent – Offers a no vendor lock-in, on the box or in the cloud.

Secure – Hardened for enterprise security, governance, and.

Scalable – From a single application to a global enterprise.

The particular combination of attributes above is something unique, a particular form of DaaS we call “Enterprise Data-as-a-Service.”

Why Actifio for Copy Data Virtualization

It’s no secret that data growth is among the prime challenges faced by enterprise CIOs. In particular, it’s uncoordinated data growth caused by too many systems creating redundant data copies for multiple and distinct purposes – but it is the same data. As the volume of production data grows at a tremendous rate, uncoordinated “copy data” gets layered on top. This copy data glut drives massive excesses in cost and complexity.

Actifio’s Copy Data Virtualization frees increasingly strategic data from increasingly commoditized infrastructure, replacing the many siloed systems you’re using today to protect and access copies of the same production data. It replaces all the software licensing and capital intensive hardware tied up in Backup, Snapshot, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Dev & Test, Compliance, Analytics, and other systems with a single, radically simple approach that does one thing: Make whatever data, from whenever it was created, available wherever you need it.