Web Portal Full With CMS

Country – Qatar

Industry – Government Public Sector

Main Products of the Industry: Communications and IT

Business Situation:

The said entity is a government public sector which requires a Web Portal Full With CMS. The government sector is an independent judicial authority that ensures the law is enforced for different sectors such as corporations, individuals, and non-profit organizations. The main industry of the said sector is to provide services including court hearings, power of attorney registration. Completion of requirements to obtain services, and other legal documents relevant to obtaining services proportional under the law of Qatar.

Different individuals and corporation use the portal of the said sector to register and inquire about different services according to their needs. With that conclusion, it was evident that the required customer web-portal should embody an efficient and friendly interface. In addition,  service automation and a cross-platform mobile service have been stressed out in order to utilize different applicants on all platforms.

In recognition of such requirements, one of the resolutions of the sector was to construct a web-portal / e-services where different entities can manipulate payment methods, integration of information and inquiries of documents approvals.

The GlobeSoft Qatar has created a customer-facing web-portal and e-services for the said public sector using the most up-to-date software for the following issues:

  1. Web portal with full CMS operating features; content management, approval and publishing.
  2. Staging and production environment.
  3. Services automation
  4. Cross-platform mobile services applicants for Android, iOs, Blackberry and Windows.
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Microsoft SQL 2012
  • Single-sign-on
  • Hybrid mobile development platform
  • FileNET and Oracle intergration