GlobeSoft Qatar’s Digital Signage Solution

GlobeSoft Qatar's new digital signage solution: signwave in Doha Qatar
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Signwave Digital Signage

Signwave for digital signage in Qatar

Digital Signage is the new future of digitalizing information. It provides a cost-effective than traditional signs and the message can change as often as you want.

What is Signwave?

GlobeSoft Qatar is proud to announce Signwave, a Digital Signage that is a hybrid of software and hardware. It is a solution of GlobeSoft Qatar to help manage the content dissemination on digital screens. This include on your corporate offices, buildings, offices that can exist in one physical location or all over the globe.

Signwave has numerous features that make retail digital signage more impressive and relevant to business. These features help make content showing on digital signs related to the sign surrounding. Such as if there is motion or not, who is standing in front of the sign (gender, age, face features). It also helps make the sign interact with an audience through gestures or object touching.

Signwave can fit perfectly in malls, showrooms, stores. Also features and gadgets available in Signwave such as prayer times, weather, camera, clock. And others can enrich the retail digital signage.

What Makes Signwave Different?

Signwave, in few drag-n-drops, makes your digital screen interactive with ZERO-CODE. Imagine that with Signwave, you can have your interactive screen work in a few minutes, with few drag-n-drops. And amazingly with ZERO-CODE. This is developing full interactive signage application with ZERO-CODE.

Imagine a screen whose content change as a response to touch or to biometric input. Or to audience gesture or audience’s gender or age or ID without writing a single line of code. Imagine a meeting room screen that shows this room next event and attendees. And takes attendance status of each attendee with his/her biometric input or ID without writing a single line of code.


To know more about Signwave:

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