The Crystal Ball of your Startup Session

Digital Transformation Session of GlobeSoft Qatar organized by Bedaya, Katara and MOTC

The Crystal Ball of your Startup Session! Should Startup be concerned with Digital Transformation?

GlobeSoft Qatar, a registered service provider under the program of DTSME a digital transformation program, initiative of Ministry of Transportation and Communication that empowers digital knowledge in Qatar has conducted a session for Startup businesses and entrepreneurs. Organized by MOTC, Bedaya, and Katara, the session was successfully held at the Katara Cultural Village on 30th of October, 2018 with guest attended from all parts of the country.

Tarang Daptardar of GlobeSoft Qatar, speaker of the session has his guest entertained with a productive yet knowledgeable session. There was a debatable section during the session and creative question and answer. Which helped the guest to better understand the importance of Digital Transformation for startups. During the session,  the speaker has further elaborated the impact of Digital transformation throughout the era, how it has affected large and well-known enterprises, and why moving towards innovation and embracing transformation can help a startup to better build and market their businesses on today’s competitive market.

GlobeSoft Qatar expresses their appreciation with the Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MOTC) for inviting them for another successful session. Similarly, GlobeSoft Qatar is looking forward to hosting another session under the support of MOTC. And other Digital Transformation program provider to further enhance the ICT sector in Qatar.

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