Accelerate Digital Transformation: DTSME Session of GSQ

DTSME session of GlobeSoft Qatar, organized by MOTC at Doha, Qatar

Accelerating Digital Transformation with GlobeSoft Qatar at DTSME Session Organized by MOTC.

Mr. Tarang Daptardar, Sales and Marketing Director of GlobeSoft Qatar was invited to conduct a Digital Transformation session at Al Nassr Tower B last 17th of October 2018, organized by MOTC-DTSME to support Digital Transformation for small and medium enterprises at Qatar. MOTC-DTSME is a digital transformation program under the Ministry of Transportation and Communication that empowers digital knowledge in Qatar. The session has covered all aspect of Digital Transformation as Tarang shared the significant importance of Digital Transformation in businesses. And showcasing a sample of innovative tools that enhances user-onboarding.

What most enterprises don’t know is the exact definition of Digital Transformation, says Tarang. During the session, many voiced out their opinion about Digital Transformation. From the profound transformation of business activities, process, and models to digitalizing the workplace to elevate change. Tarang has stretched during the session that Digital Transformation is a narrow subject. A journey with multiple connected goals interwinding towards the objective of optimizing processes, division and business system to build the right bridge for businesses. And with the right tools and resources, enterprises can achieve its business goal.

In the second half of the session, Tarang has further discussed tools and platforms that create a significant change in deploying technologies to streamline business efficiency. He discussed the opportunities for technological tools for businesses. And how technology’s transformative opportunities have made small and medium enterprises create an important impact on the business world. He added, SMEs dwells on innovative technology and adopts on opportunities that provide effective and quick solution to enhance both its enterprise and client’s experience.

Whatfix, enhancing product adoption, user performance, and user experience while accelerating digital transformation.
Whatfix a user onboarding and interactive walkthough
Whatfix running on RICTC; an online booking/reservation system for Railways.


To further elaborate the impact of transformative technologies, Tarang has showcased Whatfix, a SaaS-Based Platform (solution of GlobeSoft Qatar) that enhances user onboarding and provides interactive walkthrough when integrated on any application. He talked about what Whatfix can do when deployed on a different application and has demonstrated a live demo of Whatfix on India’s number one online booking for railways.

At the last hour of the session, Tarang has yet introduced another solution of Globesoft Qatar, Actifio specializing in copy data virtualization. Tarang has explained how Actifio helps businesses deploy, migrate, protect, develop, analyze and test faster while reducing cost by 50%/more. In addition to powering enterprises’ databases. He also explained how Actifio creates a golden copy of a company’s data and creates an unlimited virtual copy, across any use case where a copy of production data is required.

Formed in 2011, GlobeSoft Qatar a 100% Qatari company offers a 360 degree of IT solution and services to clients as its center. “GlobeSoft Qatar aspire to add value to our clients’ businesses through developing innovative solutions. And superior software with excellent quality focusing on cost-effectiveness and fast time-to-market.” – GlobeSoft Qatar